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Ampara Dagcentrum Friendship Foundation

Ampara Education, project in the making!

At the moment (10/2019) Ampara Education is still a building site, where work is being done for the future of children and young adults with a disability.

In 2016, 3 years after the pilot project of Sarana Education was started, General Hospital Ampara had the idea to start a second day center for children with disabilities in Ampara, about 20 km from Sarana Education.
The hospital noticed that Sarana Education achieved good results, both in the development of the children and in the financial and social situation of the students' families. The application for a new building was approved by the Ministry of Health and Friendship Foundation and was asked to share the knowledge gained in Sarana Education with the new day center.
A trinity came about: the government will facilitate the building, Ampara General Hospital will take care of the day-to-day running of the center and Friendship Foundation will share its knowledge.

The first stone was laid in July 2017. It will be a multidisciplinary two-storey building that will focus on the social, mental and physical development of children aged between 5 and 15 and young people aged between 16 and 24.

Just as the building will grow, the Ampara Education page will grow. We invite you to take a look at the page from time to time to follow the developments.

Ampara Dagcentrum Friendship Foundation

Construction drawing of Ampara Education

Ampara Dagcentrum Friendship Foundation

July 2017: Laying of the first stone.

Friendship Foundation Ampara Education

January 2018: The first contours become visible.

Why is help from The Friendship Foundation necessary?

In Sri Lanka, children can attend a regular school nearby. If the child has a slight disability, there may be a special education class at the school, where it can go. No childcare is provided by the government for children with a more complex disability. These children are at home. The Friendship Foundation, in collaboration with General Hospital Ampara and the government, offers these children a loving place where they can develop their talents.
The knowledge we have gained with Sarana Education will be shared with Ampara Education. 
Because the children are cared for, the parents can take on more work, which improves their financial situation.
The social situation of the families is also improving. The Friendship Foundation takes the students on a walk: to the market, the temple or on a school trip. Meeting is the magic word during these activities. During encounters, children learn the rules of society and local residents get to know the possibilities of children with disabilities. In addition, the team in Sri Lanka regularly organizes information meetings, where the talents of our children are central. Known, makes loved!

Facts & Figures

Project started 2017
Exit fase zal starten:2025
Monitoring fase started 2030
Local PartnerGeneral Hospital Ampara
Number of students35
Onze vasten kosten in 2019:€ 6.000,=
Received with thanks to our donors in The Netherlands100%
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