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We do it together, so that you can eventually do it yourself!
If you cannot go to school because you have a mild mental or physical disability, it is wonderful to be able to go to Sarana Day Care Center five days a week. Sarana Day Care Center is part of Sarana Multidisciplinary Center in eastern Sri Lanka. This is a project of Friendship Foundation where children with disabilities can develop their talents.

Sarana Day Care offers a meaningful day activity to a maximum of 27 children between 5 and 18 years old, with a mild intellectual and / or physical disability.
Our aim is to provide the students with a stimulating environment in which they can develop optimally. There is an obvious continuous line between the education on Sarana and at home. For example, the children learn to dress themselves, brush teeth and eat independently on Sarana, which can be continued at home.
There are also students who learn to do small household tasks. 

A day at Sarana Day Care Center

Pradeep will pick you up by bus. On Sarana you see your friends and the teachers. You can help with gardening or in the kitchen. That's nice, because you can help your mother or father at home! You play with your friends in the playground and work hard on a craft or puzzle. At home you proudly show that you have learned to dress and that you can now brush your teeth yourself. You practice different dances. And one day you will be performing beautifully dressed on stage, during parties in the village. Your family beams when they see you dance! Maybe you can already pottery, or embroider ... And at the end of the day you will be brought back home. Now that you are on Sarana, your parents can work during the day and your brothers and sisters go to school every day. That sometimes came up when you were at home and someone always had to stay at home to take care of you. 

When you are 18 years old, you move on to Sarana Practical EducationThere you will learn a profession.

The teachers receive practical training on a regular basis, with an angelic patience to teach you step by step everything that is useful for you in daily life. The parents come to a parent meeting once a month. They will then hear what you have done at the daycare and receive a lecture about your talents and educational tips.

Why is help from The Friendship Foundation necessary?

In Sri Lanka, children can attend a regular school nearby. If the child has a mild disability, there may be a special education class at the school. The Friendship Foundation has been supporting the board of Sarana in setting up the Daycare Center and Vocational Training Center since 2012, in close collaboration with the local government. 24 children now come to Sarana every day. Because the children are cared for, the parents can take on more work, which improves their financial situation.

Wilde Ganzen Friendship Foundation

Wilde Ganzen (Dutch capital fund) supports our work at Sarana Day Care Center.

A friendly gesture

The Friendship Foundation is still financing the majority of the project. That agreement was made because the government has no money available for this target group. The parents have set up a parents' fund. Every parent, voluntarily and decisively, contributes to this.

We have only just started this project, but we are already working on financial independence. For example, we hired a local fundraiser in early 2019. She will initially ask for in-kind support, starting with the donation of meals. This is a common way of supporting the less fortunate during celebration or commemoration.

Sarana is far from independent, your help is urgently needed!

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