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Food aid during the Corona quarantine

Emergency aid to our clients and their families during the Corona quarantine

Corona has also reached Sri Lanka. There is a restraining order in force, which means that everyone has to stay at home. Staying at home means no work. No work means no income and therefore no food!

Due to the restraining order, our clients -the children, young people and adults with a physical or mental disability- are no longer allowed to come to our daycare and educational centers. The students miss their teachers and friends. For the parents, this means stress in this uncertain time.

How long will this situation carry on? How do we help our clients, their families, employees and the community in Uhana through this difficult time?

We will help by meeting the basic needs: nutrition and where possible a little income! We started a helpline with food parcels from our Multidisciplinary Center in Uhana. In addition, we offer help with the mutual sale of self-grown fruit and vegetables.

Please help! Give a donation to our Emergencyfund. Your help is very welcome!

Ranjani: “When we passed by, Sasuntha’s grandmother sat beside the main road with her disabled son and disabled grandson to sell some cool drinks to the people to earn some money during the curfew relaxed time.”

Food aid is mobilized

Mr. Ariyawansa: “Yesterday in the evening Ms. Sriya prepared all the bags with her two employees. After finishing she called me to take it. Pradeep did it with our van, with permission from police. Today in the morning firstly Pradeep and I went to see the Sarana families to our group. They all were so thankful. At this moment parents are so in panic and scarcity.”

Ranjani: “At Uhana we gave the parcel to Kavidu’s mother. Today she again called me and was so so thankful. She told after opening the bag she felt at this moment this is worth for her more than two billion. We can understand the nature of the pressure which she has experienced at this moment.”

Ranjani: “Today I called to Thasmiya. She told me: I need to come to school. Then I told her: It is holiday, Thasmiya. Shall we sing a song by phone? After singing a song she asked me: Teacher, did you eat rice? I told her: Yes. Then she told me: Teacher, come to our house, please.”

Help our families with food during the Corona quarantine

Will you help to provide the families and the Multi Disciplinary Center with food packages during the Corona quarantine? We welcome every donation!

You can make a general donation or a specific donation to one of the following goals:

  • A family receives 4 food packages per month = € 40.00.
  • The Handicapped Home and Retirement Home receive 4 food packages per month = € 50.00.
  • We would like to enclose a present for the children twice a month = € 25.00 (per month, for 28 children).

Your contribution is a very much needed helping hand during this exceptional worldwide situation. We hope to raise enough money to provide our families and the Multi Disciplinary Center with food packages in the coming 3 months. We hope for your help! 

Thank you very much, also on behalf of our employees and clients in Sri Lanka!

Jouw donatie heeft nog meer impact! Wilde Ganzen verdubbelt iedere donatie vanuit hun Noodfonds.
Lees hier het artikel over onze noodhulp op de website van Wilde Ganzen.

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The Friendship Foundation is a Charity recognized by CBF. We have been classified as ANBI by the tax authorities. For more information, see our ANBI and CBF page.

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Noodhulp update!

Our action!

Thank you so much! Your support was overwhelming. We have reached our goal and will be able to provide food aid to 200 people for a periode of 4 months.

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Streefbedrag is € 3500. Tot nu toe bereikt: 100%

Wilt u ook helpen! Dat kan!

Doneer nu aan ons noodfonds en help ons bij het bestrijden van honger tijdens deze Corona crisis.

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